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Creative Internships Blog Week 31

Week 31: Johnny Dawson, Hijinx Theatre

It’s been a big month…GDPR.  The Arts & Business Awards.  A new project. 

The acronym on everyone’s lips as we approached the 25th May was GDPR.  Like Y2K it was an enormous looming fear.  But instead of computer systems crashing, the terror was that rogue ICO workers were lurking behind potted ferns in every foyer, ready to ambush any receptionist who dare give out a phone number and whack them with the legendary €20million fine. 

I say all of this in good humour of course, since I’ve been quite on top of the GDPR thing for Hijinx.  I wrote the new Data Protection Policy and have updated our privacy notices.  It is a big job, and a serious one!  We should be mindful of people’s personal information and keep them in the loop as to what we’re doing with it.  But doing so has highlighted for a lot of people just how tricky it has been to navigate.

Arts & Business Awards:
It felt like this was the event our entire internships have been building towards.  It was a very strange feeling when it arrived, and it seemed to be over in a flash!  From my point of view working the event: great fun!  I thrive on the activity of doing work like this, so I felt in my element.  The event itself went well and all the guests I spoke to seemed to have great fun. 

Additionally, it was incredible to see a project that my company had been involved in win two awards!  One of the actors, who I know quite well from assisting on the youth group, went up to accept the award with the business representative, leading to an “It’s just allergies!” moment.

A New Project:

In the last couple of months of my internship, I’m going to be heavily focused on strengthening the company’s case for support.  This will involve working closely with the actors in Hijinx Academies to find out about their experiences working with us and gather information that might be useful for our funding applications.  First interviews have already taken place and it’s going great so far!  I’m looking forward to meeting with everyone else. 

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