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Creative Internships Blog Week 33

Week 33: Maddie Towell, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

I cannot believe this is the end of my internship.  It’s so difficult to know where to start this blog.  So much has happened in the last month that I want to talk about and yet with this being the end I also feel the need to reflect on my time as an Arts & Business Cymru Creative Intern.  At the start of my internship, I set myself some targets for the end, to be a great fundraiser, to have improved both my strengths and weaknesses and to have gained employment.  All of which I feel like I have achieved (although how good a fundraiser I am is hard to measure!)

I’d like to say a few quick thank yous, firstly to all my colleagues at RWCMD.  In the last eight and a bit months I’ve learnt so much about fundraising, although as ever, there is always so much to learn.  It’s difficult to remember back to day one, when I knew nothing, just the importance of raising funds and now I’ve learnt how to do that!  Without their support, this wouldn’t have been possible.  Thanks must go to my mentors, Lucy and Karen, who have advised and helped me along the way and pushed me to try things beyond my comfort zone.  Thanks to Arts & Business Cymru for all their help, training, enabling this to all happen and to Goody, for our monthly meetings, which gave me a wonderful chance to reflect on each month’s successes.  Additionally thanks to my other fellow Creative Interns, we’ve had a blast this year, from training sessions, to stock piling of food, to our intern chats, to dancing around whilst setting up the Arts & Business Awards, it’s been great being on the journey with you all.

As I near the end of my internship - I have a week left - it’s helped me realise how far I’ve come.  I’m currently organising four donor events and am sorting the guest list and invites for a further two.  Just a few weeks ago I was events managing our President’s Dinner and helping with the Arts & Business Cymru Awards.  At the start of my internship the prospect of organising one event would have seemed like a daunting prospect, now I do it without batting an eye.   It’s been really sad to have to start saying goodbye to our donors, some of which I’ve worked with very closely.  I’m hoping to pop back and see them all at some of the events I’ve organised, although, when I do, I’ll no longer be a staff member!  I’m now at the last stage of work, where you have to hand over notes and research to other colleagues, I’m particularly sad to hand over my sponsorship proposal that I worked so hard on and my masses of research notes that I’ve organised and filed away ready to be used by my colleagues.

I’ll be sad to leave the College but I’m incredibly excited for my move across the road to Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales.  Thank you all, it’s been a pleasure!

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