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Creative Internships Blog Week 35

Week 35: Lucy Purrington, Sherman Theatre

Coming to the end of the internship, I’ve been handing over my research and squeezing in some final opportunities to gain fundraising experience. As this is my last blog before I complete my placement, I would like to express my many thanks to everyone who’s helped me along my intern journey. Thanks to Arts & Business Cymru for all of the support and workshops, and to Sherman Theatre for welcoming and supporting me and always having a great selection of cakes! I’ve learned so much from all departments and widened my skills through the various workshops, training and voluntary activities.

Thank you for the invaluable advice from my business mentor, Hayley, and my arts mentor, Julia, both of whom have given me guidance and support throughout. They have also developed my confidence and encouraged me to grab every developmental opportunity out there.

Shout out to my fellow interns; it’s been great to have a support network of individuals going through the same experiences.

Lastly, many thanks to Emma, my line manager and the passionate fundraising guru at Sherman Theatre. She’s supported me throughout my internship, given me plenty of opportunity to gain comprehensive experience in all strands of fundraising, and encouraged me to grow personally. It’s difficult to sum it all up in one blog, but know that I will mark this internship as a turning point in my life.

My advice to the next round of creative interns is to savour every moment and grasp every opportunity you can!

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