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Creative Internships Blog Week 36

Week 36: Johnny Dawson, Hijinx Theatre

My final blog!  It’s been a blast!  Hijinx has been a wonderful company to work for, by far the best working environment I’ve ever had.  I have achieved some amazing things, and I’m proud of my time here.  I could continue to gush, but rather than fill this with mournful platitudes, I’ll look to the future and the things I’ve learnt.  Final fundraising tips according to Johnny Dawson:

Fundraising is all about the conversation.  Initiate it and keep it going.

The devil is in the detail.  Be specific, know what you’re asking for.  Nobody wants to invest in a vague idea.

Know your charity!  You can’t pitch to funders if you don’t know who you are.  

As for the future, I’ve grown to really enjoy fundraising.  I hope to continue to hone the skills I’ve built and there are a few jobs out there that have caught my interest.  But whether I end up in full time fundraising or not, I’ve got the skills and can carry them forward into the next thing that I do.

I want to close by saying a huge THANK YOU to A&B Cymru for this awesome opportunity. In particular to Becca Lloyd for helping me to navigate it!  Thanks to Lynne Sheehy and Rich Tynen for their unwavering support and incredible advice!  Thanks to Clare Williams for being an amazing boss and teacher!  And thanks to Hijinx for being Hijinx.  I can think of nowhere else I would have wanted to spend the last 10 months.

Over and Out

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