Prosper 2021-22

Fundraising for the Future

Scheme Aims and Objectives

A&B Cymru is delighted to announce a third year of its Prosper initiative, thanks to funding from Arts Council of Wales and Garfield Weston Foundation. The scheme aims to tangibly develop the fundraising capacity and skills of arts organisations across Wales, assisting them to become successful, thriving charitable businesses.  Applications are invited from:

  • Fundraisers who wish to develop their skills and knowledge in order to diversify income for their arts organisation. 
  • Organisations who have no dedicated fundraising staff but wish to develop their capacity to generate income.

To ensure its impact and relevance, Prosper will be driven by the needs of applicants and support will be tailored to each organisation, maximising the effectiveness for all involved. Arts organisations are invited to apply for support to access expertise and training which assists the achievement of income generation targets and organisational goals.

For Example...

Prosper support could include, but is not limited to:

  • Fundraising Strategy. Prosper could fund an experienced professional fundraiser to mentor a member of staff.  Through focussed sessions, a Fundraising Strategy could be created which would assist the organisation to achieve its Business Plan aims & objectives.
  • Trust Funding.  Prosper could fund an arts manager’s attendance at a specialist training course and match the participant with a fundraising mentor with specific expertise in this area to support the learning. 
  • Marketing of New Fundraising Initiatives.  Prosper could fund promotional material for a new fundraising scheme and match the participant with a marketing expert to assist this process.
  • Prospect Cultivation.  A&B Cymru could provide tailored Events Management advice and support to assist the delivery of a cultivation event to showcase an organisation’s work to potential funders / sponsors etc.
  • Business Sponsorship. The participant could be mentored to create tailored proposals and given guidance on potential business partners.
  • Individual Giving. The participant could receive support to identify and establish the most appropriate schemes for their organisation.
  • Training Courses. A&B Cymru could deliver a bespoke Fundraising Seminar to the participant’s staff and board.


To apply for support through Prosper, you must:

  • be employed by an arts organisation committed to developing its fundraising skills and capacity;
  • be able to clearly demonstrate how the scheme could assist the achievement of income generation targets and organisational sustainability;
  •  complete the Prosper application form jointly with your line manager and have the full support of your employer to undertake the proposed project;
  • be employed by an arts organisation which is a member of A&B Cymru.

How Much Can I Apply For?

The majority of Prosper projects will include both cash support and free of charge access to specific expertise. Organisations may apply for between £300 - £3,000 as the cash element of the project.

How It Works

The deadline for applications is Friday 4 March 2022.  A&B Cymru's Chief Executive will oversee Prosper and applications will be considered on a regular basis. 

Successful candidates will be notified quickly of their approval in order to ensure that A&B Cymru responds in real time to applicants and their organisation’s needs.  In most cases, applicants will be invited to a meeting with A&B Cymru to help shape the project support and discuss the most effective ways to ensure tangible skills development.

All supported projects will be monitored and thoroughly evaluated in order to measure the success and impact of the scheme.

The application process for Prosper is as follows:

  • Submit the completed proposal form to A&B Cymru by e-mail (, no later than the published deadline. 
  • A&B Cymru will inform you of the result of your proposal within 2 weeks of submission.  
  • If successful, you will be sent an Offer Letter detailing any conditions to be met before payment can be made. Payment of the cash element of the Prosper investment may be split, depending on the nature of the individual project. 

Please note:

  • Prosper is unable to fund staff costs;
  • A&B Cymru will review projects on a case by case basis.  The scheme has limited funding available and the decision of the Prosper Panel is final. There is no process for appeals;
  • Prosper projects must take place between 1 January – 1 September 2022. 

Prosper is an A&B Cymru initiative made possible with generous support from:

 Arts Council Wales, Lottery Funded, Welsh Government