User-generated content

User-generated content

We examine how arts institutions can manage user-generated content – and how it is changing the relationship between culture and business.

As new technologies develop, we may see existing models of arts sponsorship being replaced by more mutually-beneficial partnerships. User-generated content could be a major contributor to this change.

Cultural organisations and businesses face the same challenges:

  • How much freedom do you give people to comment on your organisation?
  • How do you monitor and control this?
  • How do you get content digitised and 'out there'?
  • What is the impact on copyright and IP laws?
  • How do you monetise or fund this?
  • What business models are needed to let users into your organisation?
  • Why should you engage in social media and user-generated content at all?

We draw on examples such as Google-Prado Museum, the Royal Opera House, Institute of Contemporary Art, the Bronx Rhymes project in New York and the Art Gallery of Ontario.