What is philanthropy & how do I access it?

We can help you generate philanthropy - whether you're a small or large organisation.

Individual giving and philanthropy

Philanthropy refers to all forms of support that individuals offer the arts. It can range from money put in a donation box, membership to supporter schemes to major gifts and legacies.

Motivations for philanthropy vary significantly with each type of giving mechanism but they all share a common and fundamental belief that individuals can make a huge difference to the arts by supporting them.

We estimate that around 90% of the philanthropy the arts and cultural sector receives is at a low- to mid-level. Although for some a major gift is anything over £1,000 perhaps a better definition is a gift which makes a significant difference to an organisation. Cultural organisations should plan to develop philanthropy at a level that is appropriate for them.

What we can do for you

All the information and support you might need to generate philanthropy can be found here. To help you start a philanthropy campaign, develop an existing programme or integrate philanthropy into your fundraising portfolio we have services and initiatives for you:

Services to support you

Training events
Learn how to secure philanthropy

Tax guidance
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Real life examples
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Programmes to get involved in

Big Arts Give
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Prince of Wales Medal for Arts Philanthropy
Celebrating the most inspiring major gift philanthropists in the UK